Have Us Design A Custom Lid For You

Thank you for choosing Q LIDS ProDesign!!!

For an upfront additional fee of $50.00, our team of awesome designers will create a custom, one of a kind, amazing Q LID just for you! Two design concepts, and one round of revisions are included in that price.

Anything you can think of…we can design! Family reunions, 4th of July, your corporate summer BBQ event! We can design nearly anything, so long as it doesn’t contain any trademarked or licensed imagery or logos that you don’t have the rights to use (professional sports logos for instance), and it’s not offensive or contains the use of foul language (let’s keep it clean here people…ha!)

The process works like this:

Fill out the form below, giving us your name, information, grill model, etc., and then tell us a little bit about what you’d like designed. If you have any pictures or logos you want used, upload them below as well. If not, don’t worry! Our team can create something for you from scratch.

Once the form is filled out, including your payment info, click the “request design” button. We will review the request, and if it’s approved (no trademarked material or foul/offensive language) we’ll charge your card, and provide you two design concepts within 48 hours. If it is not approved, your card will not be charged and you will receive a notice of cancellation.

Once you receive the two design concepts, you will choose one of them, and you get one round of revisions included in that price.

Upon approval of the design, we will send you the files, with instructions of how to upload them into the shopping cart on the website.

Thank you for choosing Q LIDS!!! And as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Email us at customerservice@qlids.com