About QLids

A firefighter by trade, Pat Traeger has always possessed a passion for grilling. In fact, it is in his name.

Part of the Traeger family of the world famous Traeger Grills, Pat has always been a hands on kind of guy. When Pat was asked to help “Trick a Traeger” for a co-workers retirement party, he began brainstorming ideas that would bring more life to his Traeger grill. Combining his passion for grilling and his entrepreneur mindset, Pat began testing high temperature paints, custom handles, and vinyl coverings, but it wasn’t ever quite right.

Countless tests, late nights, conversations with fellow firefighters and local suppliers, and months of research and development had finally paid off when Pat found his patented (pending) solution for custom grill lids.

The beauty of the custom lid was that it could be easily attached and removed to accommodate multiple occasions. In Pat’s case, he could quickly showcase his firefighter lid for a work barbeque and then switch to his college game day lid for the big game.

What Pat started in his barn is now Q LIDS. The name Q LIDS, is branded as a play off “Queing” which is slang commonly found in the BBQ industry. Once just an idea for a retirement party is now a patented product for the BBQ industry that is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Q LIDS is a company that is passionate about helping grill enthusiast reach new potentials. Our mission is to provide a grilling experience as unique as our customers. More importantly, our product is unique because it allows for the customer to have a completely custom lid at an affordable price.

We want to unleash a new kind of creativity that the BBQ industry has never seen before, so be creative, show your passion and discover your inner Grill Master! The possibilities are endless.

Welcome to Q LIDS!